Essay: Cohabitation before marriage-bad

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Essay: Cohabitation before marriage-bad

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Cohabitation refers to a formal arrangement between a couple to stays together while sharing intimately yet they are not married. Cohabitation is a common trend presently in most parts of globe yet it remains controversial due to the advantages and disadvantages that come along with this practice. There are different arguments that are used to supported or denounce this practice and this essay focuses on the reasons behind cohabitation and whether cohabitation before marriage is good or bad.

People cohabitate due to a number of reasons before they marry, among the major reason for this practice is to evaluate whether the two individuals are compatible with each other. In the process of testing this compatibility, the individual evaluate their financial security. The parties may cohabitate in cases where the same sex marriages are illegal and hence the parties cannot marry. it may also be triggered where intermarriages between people of different religions is not allowed hence forcing the two parties to cohabitate. One of the parties may be in deep phobia for divorce and hence preferring to cohabitate instead of marrying. The bases for cohabitation may also be a way for a couple to avoid paying higher taxes in countries where working married couples are required to pay higher taxes. Two parties may decide to cohabitate as means of displaying direct opposition to marriage and thereby preferring to live together rather than get married. Cohabitation is also triggered due to the ability of individuals to have a private life, as they would like to have it rather than have live controlled by religions, traditions or legal framework under which their marriage is founded.

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