Essay: Cognitive development theory of Jean Piaget

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Essay: Cognitive development theory of Jean Piaget

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Cognitive development theory of Jean Piaget attempts to explain the psychological phenomenon of mental processes, development and changes throughout the lifespan of an individual. In his theory construction, Jean Piaget based his cognitive development theory for children on normal processes of growth and development by which children develop intellectually. This means that the assumption that underlies this theory is that the children affected by Piajet’s theory do not include those children face d with abnormal growth trends. Furthermore, it is important to note that the theory focus on the development of thinking as a mental process as opposed to perception or memory (Piaget, 1990, p. 102).

In his attempt to explain how children think; Jean Piaget identified came up with two components in developing his cognitive development theory for children, which explain how children learn to think from infancy till when they grow old. The foundation of this theory lies on the argument that Piajet children think in the same way and process as adults but have limited knowledge compared to adults based on the responses and observation he made. To prove his argument, Jean Piajet used this cognitive development theory for the children to explain how children tend to think (Dewey, 1997b, p. 265). Therefore, he constructed this theory on two fundamental principles. These principles are: the way children acquire knowledge throughout their life time which he termed as process of cognitive development; and the cognitive development stages that children develop cognitively as they grow up.

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