Essay: Coding system and Grounded Theory

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Essay: Coding system and Grounded Theory

The interview findings would be defined by a process defined as coding which involves the identification of passages of text and then labelling them in order to identify some sort of thematic ideas. This allows the researchers to retrieve and collect the data in order to associate it with some other thematic idea involving the retrieval and collection of data and all the text. In order to make sense of the data, a process defined as Interpretation is initiated which allows the researcher to organize the text.

The data for this paper was not that large in sample, yet it required an extensive examination in terms of understanding the interviews and recordings.

The author made use of the Computer based method according to which the Computer Assisted Qualitative Analysis of the data which allows the author to easily interpret the data and also to do it much quicker than otherwise possible.

This process involves making sense of the data and not reducing the information to mere numbers as done in the case of Quantitative Analysis.

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