Essay: Cockpit Resource Management

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Essay: Cockpit Resource Management

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Teamwork helps a lot in making the right decisions since it is said that two minds are better than one. It is through this that CRM encourages its trainees to work together during their working time. If everyone is given the opportunity to air his or her view, then chances of making the right decision in different situations are higher than when one he his or her opinion only.

Since CRM is applicable to other fields including the health field it is thus in order to say that the knowledge of one’s field does not necessarily result in less errors in the said field, but one needs to be equipped with general knowledge of appreciating colleagues in order to make the right decisions. Major airline operators in the world have adapted CRM in their operations as a way of reducing accidents in their flights and thus increase passenger trust. These airlines include Federal Aviation Administration, FAA (U.S.) and JAA (Europe) as they have realized that this is the only way when moving forward. It is important to equip the staff with the best technical knowledge but in addition to helping, they acquire the necessary skills required for using communication skills in their decisions.  The U.S air force even has gone to the length of ensuring that all their aircraft crew undertake a CRM training on yearly basis just like the commercial airlines have done.

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