Essay: Coal Mining in Australia

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Essay: Coal Mining in Australia

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Coal in Australia is mined in every state and territory of the country. It is used to generate electricity and is exported. According to Australian Bureau of statistics report, 75% of the coal mined in Australia is exported, mostly to Eastern Asia. In 2001/01. 258.5 million Tons of coal were mined, and 193.6 million tons exported. Coal also provides about 85% of Australia’s electricity production[1]. Coal plays a major role in the economy of Australian country and it continues to be regarded as a major economic activity in the future. ‘The 1960s saw oil eclipse coal as the World’s most used primary energy source, however the relative abundance, reliability and low cost of coal have ensured that it remains the most commonly used fuel source for electricity generation both in Australia and internationally’ .

The following diagram shows the major export countries for Australian coal

Country/Area Million Tons Coking Million Tons Steaming Million Tons Total Rank % of exports
Japan 43.3 61.5 104.8 1 39.8
Korea (ROK) 15.1 27.9 43.1 2 16.3
Taiwan 6.1 20.0 26.1 3 9.9
China 15.5 9.5 25.0 4 9.5
India 23.8 0.9 24.7 5 9.4
Europe 18.6 2.3 20.9 6 7.9

Source: Major Export Markets For Australian Coal (2008-2009)

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics Article1271910?opendo

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