Essay: Coach, Inc

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Essay: Coach, Inc

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Coach stores seem to be the home of the best-designed and quality handbags for all forms of customers in United States of America, Japan and Asia. It is however; very difficult to explain how the company faces a number of problems bearing in mind that the sales revenues and profits are increasing on yearly basis. It is only by the reasoning of a business-minded person that one is able to understand clearly the functioning of a business. No single business runs smoothly without problems and risks to encounter.

The start of the business was strategic for it is only family labor involved since the firm was not huge. Although the designing of the handbags was very simple, it attracted a number of customers until after the family decided to sell the firm. Sales were very good for they were increasing each year. It is only at this moment that the acquirer of the firm was not ready to develop the designing to match with the new needs of the customers and as a result, the sales dropped drastically. However, Sarah Lee did not loose hope in her business and she thus hired experienced employees who believed in designing products after contacting thorough market research. The firm was able to get back to track after lower prices were charged on the quality handbags. The firm has been with experienced and able managers who are working to see to it that the firm succeeds in all it does. This is proved by the fact that cheap counterfeits of their products were made but they did not survive in the industry.

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