Essay: Closed loop system

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Essay: Closed loop system

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This system enables the firm to use either all or some of its outputs as it inputs during its production processes.

Does employing a closed loop system benefit the firm economically?

Using closed loop system benefits a firm because the closed loop system ensures that resources are used in the applications that best benefit the firm. More so, decisions made are geared towards adding value to the business through the service delivery system ((Blumberg, 2005). It also reduces the delays between making changes in businesses besides giving priority to the business objectives making it very it very economical and efficient to a firm. It further helps the firm in continuously improving its manufacturing processes and products.
How does the environment benefit from a closed loop system?

With the closed loop system, the environment benefits from decreased pollution since some of the output which would have been left as waste is used as inputs to make further output. With defective prevention in the machines used in the production processes, closed loop system helps to reduce pollution, which could have resulted from the emanates (Blumberg, 2005).

Is there any value to society when a company uses a closed loop system?

Closed loop system ensures increased quality in the products provided to the society and thus ensures better life with better products. The manufacturing processes are continuously improved and this implies that there is improvement of the products to match with the quality.
Do you see any barriers to implementing a closed loop system in most organizations?

After clearly understanding the business requirements, which is through service level agreements, decisions have to be made which must align to the existing business objectives along with the available financial resources. One of the barriers that arise is the ability to investigate the business impact of the available alternatives in order to achieve the best results. Another source of barrier is, when there is a single objective that is given more weight than others are. This alignment comes along with financial costs.
Why aren’t more organizations following a closed loop system?

This is because there are barriers to its implementation and the required skills in its implementation are a barrier.

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