Essay: Close Circuit Surveillance Cameras

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Essay: Close Circuit Surveillance Cameras

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The usage of the close circuit-surveillance cameras has continued to elicit very mixed reaction on the privacy of individuals all over the world. Both standalone and networked systems of closed circuit television cameras do exist. The overall cost of networked systems which are sometimes distributed within a stipulated geographical location is always very costly yet very efficient compared to the traditional stand-alone  closed circuit television closed circuit television cameras always tend to utilize little human resource due to the very minimal attention required to manage them (Powell, 1992, pp.34-119).

Close circuit cameras use video technologies to ensure that proper utilization of the video technology to reinforce security. Indeed the cost of maintaining security of business and related property has continued to be very costly in the modern world. Continued innovations in business have continued to render businesses to be the major targets for theft and related cases. Initially, surveillance cameras were very static in nature (Purcell and Sisson 1983). However, the technologies have really improved leading to the overall growth in the industry that has seen more organizations integrating the systems. Both sirens and related alarm systems, gun detector systems, and telephone systems have been integrated in closed circuit television cameras in order to fully achieve the full benefits associated with closed circuit television cameras.

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