Essay: Classifications of Workforce

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Essay: Classifications of Workforce

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As earlier described, there are four classifications of workforce that are well described in terms career, lifestyle and culture. These four categories are:

  • New immigrants,
  • Locals,
  • Managers and
  • Job seekers

The new immigrant workers into the Hawaii resorts originate mainly from Latin America, Asia and Pacific, from the under developed countries. The new immigrant workers work mainly as unskilled laborers and are commonly referred to as “brown skinned”.  Their kind of jobs includes sweeping the compound and other cleaning responsibilities.  In the Adler’s book, they are referred to as trapped workers. They are trapped in paradise since they are unskilled and do not any alternative source of employment.  They earn very little and their jobs are seasonal due to the seasonality of the tourism sector. The three main seasons in the tourism sector are group season, fit season and the slow season. These new immigrant workers are overworked, abused and faced by many challenges catalyzed by the conflicts of interest between the managers. The demeaning labor and extreme monitoring force them to break from any resistance and give in their culture and adopt the new culture in the American hotel industry. The new immigrant workers do not join the labor unions since their link with the employers is seasonal and very unstable. They also have no link with other employees.  More so, the language barrier, strong work ethics, contentment with low pay and problems with acquiring US citizenship limit their chances of joining unions.  They hardly come in contact with the tourists since they are not proficient in English. They have diminishing career ladders and have high work turnover. The new immigrants keep on travelling back to their homeland to keep in touch with their families as they plan for their future retirement too.

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