Essay: Classical Choice theory-Internal motivation

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Essay: Classical Choice theory-Internal motivation

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Internal motivation is a wiser choice for educators to use with students since it helps to fulfill some of the students’ basic needs. Choice theory by William Glasser explores internal motivation and its impact on relationships. According to Choice Theory, “five basic needs constitute the source of internal motivation and guide all behavior” (Erwin, 2003, p. 21).

The five basic needs are power, survival, freedom, fun, love, and belonging. Survival is one of the basic needs that our students need to have met. The importance of having the survival need fulfilled is that it allows individuals to feel a sense of order and security. Educators can help fulfill this need in the classroom by developing structured and consistent classroom procedures, allowing students to have snacks and drinks, and creating rules that allow a safe and respected environment (Erwin, 2003).

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