Essay: Classical and choice theory application to crime

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Essay: Classical and choice theory application to crime

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This theory finds application up to date. The current approach is more focused on crime prevention. Policy makers still develop more approaches particularly those that have grounds with evidence and are results based which includes: policing initiatives, gun control tactics, increased incarceration and youth substance abuse, and violence reduction strategies (Schuck, 2005).The following are some examples where this theory finds application.

In an article entitled “Giving students what they need”, (Erwin, 2003, p. 20), internal and external motivation approaches in the classroom are examined. Student motivation is one of the inputs most needed for success. Educators wish for their students to be motivated since motivated students perform better. Failure to this, students will possibly do poor work or no work at all, learn little, and frequently show reckless or unruly behaviors. There are two types of motivation-external and internal. “External motivation, the proverbial carrot, and stick approach predominates not only in most classrooms but also in the world” (Erwin, 2003). Nonetheless, this approach is not as successful as internal motivation since it encourages students to work hard only for rewards. The promised reward has to increase once a behavior is achieved. Students do not fight to excel for the right reasons.

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