Essay: City group retail banking in the US and abroad

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Essay: City group retail banking in the US and abroad

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Ideally, Citigroup can be categorized as one of the world largest diversified financial services firms that can be able to generate large tangible revenue globally from its business lines: Global Consumer Group, Global Wealth Management, Corporate and Investment Banking, and Alternative Investments. As a matter of fact, financial report of the group indicated that Citigroup had gained an equivalent of slightly over $81 billion of revenue in 2007.

Thus, there is no doubt about its financial potential mighty in both local market and global context. The most sources of money Citigroup comes from underwriting equity issues and debt, which imply that the group helps other companies issue bonds to raise money. In addition to that, Citigroup provides such vital services such as mortgages, credit cards, other essential financial services through its commercial banking division and provision of wealth management advice to wealthy clients.

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