Essay: Chrysler Awards Fiat Franchises To U.S Dealers

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Essay: Chrysler Awards Fiat Franchises To U.S Dealers

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The article “Chrysler Awards Fiat Franchises To U.S Dealers” The Wall Street Journal (2010) by Bennett shows the steps being undertaken by the Chrysler group in its endeavor to bring the Italian car Fiat back to the US after it had been missing for twenty five years. Although there is no exact figure on the number of franchises that have been awarded it is thought that there are about 165 dealers with a plan to expand the number to 200 in future. Plans are underway to have the car available in the US by January 2011 with a plan of selling 50,000 cars in the same year. Dealers will be identified through tendering processes.

However, the author tells us how many cars they are planning to sell by the end of next year; he does not tell the reader how this is going to be done. The fact the car will be like a new entry in the market the author should have shown the plans that the company has put in place for advertising the car. The author should also have touched on the pricing in order to give the reader an idea of what to expect.  On the other hand, the author does tell the reader that the number of dealers will be increased as a way of making the car available in most of the US states. This will make the car available to most buyers who might be interested without having to travel long distances. The fact that the company will bring convertible versions by the end of next year will give its customers variety, which is good in increasing sales as well as profits.

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