Essay: Christianity and Islam as Major Religions of the World

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Essay: Christianity and Islam as Major Religions of the World

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Christianity and Islam are major world’s religions with the latter having a greater number of followers. They share common origin, values and some believes like God being supreme, prophets being God’s messengers and judgment of humanity based on personal actions and faith while on earth. The Koran and the Bible are considered as the two holy books written through God’s inspiration though the Koran is believed  was verbally revealed to prophet Muhammad through angel Jibril. The two religions have some major differences like the birth, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

They also differ in the originality of the holy bible as compared to that of the holy Koran as well as its interpretation by the Christians. The similarities between the two outweigh the differences. Since most of the teachings in the two religions are almost similar it is important to note that the faithful can live in harmony in the world. People should be allowed to have freedom of worship so that one can have the chance of choosing his or her religion. Parents and guardians should not choose the faith their children should follow but they should only advice them on what is good and bad.

Initially the two faiths recognized men only, women were just there as helpers of men but could not take part in many matters including worshipping activities. Christians seem to have given ladies some freedom including leading in prayers but the Muslim do not even allow their women to attend Mosques.

Even though according to the bible Adam’s wife, Eve was created out of the rib of her husband this does not make them lesser human beings and they should be recognized as human too. Only a handful of women are mentioned in the bible as opposed to men. Women should be allowed to lead in worship activities something I discovered that most churches do, although some such as the Catholics do not allow to conduct mass but are allowed to give the Holy Communion. Women should be allowed to attend mosques since they are people too who sin against their Allah and should always repent. It is also of paramount importance for the Muslims to give their women right to education and the other basic rights that Muslim men enjoy but end up denying their female folk.  These include the right of association, right to choose the right man to marry and many more. If Christians and their Muslim brothers could understand that they share a lot in common in their origin and agree to listen to another, respect each other and give every one a chance to express his or her feelings, then the world would become more peaceful.

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