Essay: Choosing the Best Decision Process

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Essay: Choosing the Best Decision Process

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The best decision process for the management of Emirates Airline is the T-chart. The T chart is a graphical representation showing the pros and cons of carrying out a certain activity. The positive issues are listed on one side of the table while the negative issues are listed on the other side of the table (Lumsden Et, al, 2009 p. 191). Upon listing the positives and negative factors on a table, the decision maker then takes consideration of both of the lists and makes a decision that will best suite Emirates Airline.

Below is an illustration of a T chart. In this illustration, the management will evaluate the pros and cons of using Management by Objectives as management tool at Emirates Airline.

pros Cons
Increasing the employee motivation The goals and guidelines within the firm are not clearly shared
Managers within the firm can effectively compete with one another It is inflexible
The conflicts and differences are solved amicably Does not share the Management By Objectives Philosophy
It enables the managers to plan more effectively Competition among the managers can result to conflicts of interest
Problems within the firm and in the industry are easily identified The organization culture may not be interested favor the Management By Objective
It enables the employees to develop their careers and advance their leadership qualities Management By Objectives is a complex strategy that may be complicated to implement in this firm

Based on the above T chart, it is evident that Emirates Airline should adopt the Management by Objectives as the best management style since the pros outshine the cons.

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