Essay: The Choice and Classical Theory

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Essay: The Choice and Classical Theory

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In the case of the suburban girl, Classical theory gives her the advantages she stands against the possible negative outcomes. Committing the crime enables her achieve education and subsequently be able to secure a job. On the other hand, she is likely to be viewed as a reject in the society where she lives. Gauging on her ambitions vs. the outcomes she resolves in committing the crime.

The punishment of the Hispanic boy is not certain, may not be that severe or may be delayed altogether. The boy fancies joining the group with the intent to get protection and money to meet some of his basic needs in consideration of the possible outcomes. To him, joining the gang has far reaching benefits considering the few means of acquiring his basic he has and the possible failure in getting punishment. He considers that if there is punishment at all, it could be lenient and thus opts to join the gang.

The classical and choice theory gives the male college student the advantage of raping. There are less chances of him ever being framed since the respective dates of the actions are hard to trace. He is inclined to commit the act to avoid the long process of achieving sex in an ordinary manner. Considering his urgent urge, the complexity of identifying positively as the culprit makes him commit the crime (Schmalleger, 2005).

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