Essay: China dealing with the communication exchanges

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Essay: China dealing with the communication exchanges

China has been dealing with the communication exchanges since sometime and there has great response from the student community but unfortunately the response from the government was not as great. However, this particular theme dealt with the overall gist of virtual reality and what it meant to be a Wemer.

This allowed the researcher to get a grasp of what the students felt they were benefitting by being members of this community while at the same time suffering as a result of its consequences.

The interview findings were consolidated and analyzed from this perspective. What came across was a general feeling of the students being ecstatic with this sort of communication forum where they were able to communicate freely without any sort of fear as a result of the virtual privacy.

Also, they were all praises for the Wemer community according to which they felt that they had learned a lot and they felt that the government was being unfair to a great extent.

They felt that they needed to reach out more and try to connect with an international community which could provide them with the necessary information which would allow us to be much better well-equipped with the different facts of life.

China is a nation which has developed over time.

But what they felt was a need is to reach out further and to ensure that we remain updated with all the different occurrences which are taken place around us. Yes, globalization is the way forward and in order to ensure that we remain abreast with them we should try to keep in close contact with the international world.

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