Essay: Children should be motivated to grow morally

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Essay: Children should be motivated to grow morally

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Children should be helped to grow morally through motivations here and there. However, a teacher or guardian should not watch the child stray. They should either gently reprimand them or punish them by inflicting pain on them. This should be done not because the elder hates the child but because s/he wishes to correct the child. Punishments administered to the young ones should remind them on the good manners taught. It should not intimidate them or create an unfriendly environment with their elders. In fact, teachers should interact with their students while in class. In fact, the teachers should make one of their teaching methodologies.

As we can see from our discussion, the comments of the author do not only reflect the meaning of the text alone but it also reflects the educational realities of their times. They constitute not only a significant source of education history, but also a rich body of pedagogic experience. Indeed, we have seen from the analysis key conceptual issues and their significant contribution to well founded theories of textual instruction.  We have seen the basic requirements required in reading any particular text by the student and the skills and mode of interpretation to do so. We have noted that an orthopraxis dimension of education is very important. That a student should be able to translate what they learn in school to their concrete lives. In other words, education should be a lived experience; it should be worthwhile to be put it into practice. I believe that any curriculum should be reviewed to suit the intellectual capabilities of the student even if the student demonstrates excellence in the class. For example, a student should not be enrolled to class seven merely because she performs excellently in class four. We have also commented on the instructional materials and technologies required.

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