Essay: Child developments-possession of traits

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Essay: Child developments-possession of traits

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When a child is exposed to some events with plenty of what they inherited from their parents, they begin to show possession of the particular traits. For example, a child could be noticed to be very fond of listening to music and singing most during free time. Parent can therefore give these children some musical instruments or buy them music systems for them to do more of what they do best.

This possibly leads to establishment of the baby as a musician just like their parents or other foster relatives could be (Fabes and Martin, 2008, p. 105). This shows that there is a very close relationship between the environment and biology when it comes to development in a child. Incase the environment does not play such a role, then biologically inherited talents could not be expressed. If a baby happens to posses such talents and the environment fails to trigger their expression, the same could happen at a latter age when the surrounding becomes receptive. This explains why some children may emerge with different talents at varied ages.

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