Essay: Child development-Professional practice

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Essay: Child development-Professional practice

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Children with some form of these disabilities call for good professional attention to live well (Fabes and Martin, 2008, p. 148). Various professional services are available ranging from pediatric care to neuro-services, which helps much in identifying defects in development and recommend appropriate treatment. Professional interventions can also aid much in clarifying the various theories that surround e whole issue o f how environment affects child development in relation to biological properties.

This will clarify theories, which try to explain the interplay between the two. Physiotherapists play an important role in articulating locomotors skills due to poorly developed motor system. Psychologist help more in understanding the emotional characteristics of these children ad recommend necessary non-medical interventions. Teachers cannot be left out as they are tasked with instilling cognitive and other important skills in such children. Professional approaches are therefore important and help much in dealing with possible developmental defects in children.

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