Essay: Child development-Interaction of the environment

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Essay: Child development-Interaction of the environment

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A proper definition of hereditary factors encompasses all inherited traits from the parents such as abilities to sing, eye color among others. These traits are all effected by a biological process where a chromosomal chiasma permit exchange and sharing of genes of both parents with their progeny (Fabes and Martin, 2008, p. 103). The environment plays very important role in reshaping these behaviors and in one way or the other, these inherited materials may not be exhibited if the environment is not a conducive one.

Influence of the environment in a child’s development is called nurture. A good example is development of like for  a particular kind of music. Therefore, it is true that development of a child solely depends on nature and nurture, which synergistically determine some important developmental characteristics. Every person is born with some hereditary factors, which determine who he or she become in future for example musicians, artists or even athletes.

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