Essay: Child development-Environmental and naturalistic influences

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Essay: Child development-Environmental and naturalistic influences

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The effect of the environment on some physical characteristic for growth in humans can not be overemphasized. The father of evolution, Charles Darwin, established the reality. He came up with evolutionary hypothesis that postulated that the worlds biological features are adapted immediately after birth to ensure survival. Some of these adaptations are set even before the babies are born (Donald et al., 2003, p. 48). Species have to undergo a process he called natural selection where those with more advantageous features in line with environmental conditions do survive.

Such changes are believed to be effected by a change in genetic characteristics, which occur to adapt to the environment. Renowned psychologists have used these occurrences to explain certain child development traits. In 1994, Ken Richardson used the evolutionary theory to show that newborns had a number of reflexes naturally determined by the environment. Such developments include the ability of a baby to open its mouth immediately after their cheeks are stroked.

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