Essay: Child development-Early home interventions for parents

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Essay: Child development-Early home interventions for parents

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Biological predispositions influences the way an individual feels the environment. Research has shown that during early childhood, there are some individual differences in the way a child react to environments regarded as highly stimulating and whose essence is differences in functioning of the brain. Hyper-reactive infants are easily over stimulated are likely to exit such environments, an intention exhibited by baby fussing.

Less reactive children are likely to feel comfortable in such environments and may even become more curious about their besiege which they develop a keen interest by exploring it. All the above explanations of how biological aspects determine how and individual react to various environments shows interplay between biology and environment during child development (Fabes and Martin, 2008, p. 70). These biological influences on reception to the environment lead to development of unique personalities in individuals, which go along different biological characteristics possessed by such individuals. It is therefore advisable to parents or other sibling who are around the baby to observe the baby for such occurrences and act according to safeguard growth perspectives of a baby.

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