Essay: Child Development-Cultural Influences

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Essay: Child Development-Cultural Influences

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It is a cultural norm that a child is expected to live together with parents. However, modern societies have different cultural set ups that allow adoption of children and letting children live with other people as their parents. This has an effect to the child’s development in that the two cultural environments affect IQ differently (Heather, 2005, p. 76). The 1983 adoption project in Texas further proved that the environment has a role to pay in some of developmental features controlled by the genetic make up of an individual. In this research, data from 300 families was collected aiming at assessing the effect cultural practices on the IQ of children (79).

It was established that the IQ of adopted children closely correlated with that of their true or biological parents then to that of their adoptive parents. The IQ of children in an environment considered friendly was higher. Such environments are classified as friendlier in aspect such as comfort meaning that it has to be in a financially stable home set up with most child necessities present. This further shows that cultural practices and the environment has a role in shaping a child’s development. the environment had an effect in brain functions believed to be solely determined by genes, which is a biological factor.

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