Essay: Child development-Adaptive Social-Emotional skills

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Essay: Child development-Adaptive Social-Emotional skills

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Scientists are new able to relate intellectual abilities can mix with emotional characteristics. Social-Emotional skills lead to more self-awareness and regulation and are very important in preparation of children for school. They vary from one activity to anther and with time. These skills enable children to regulate emotions such as disappointment, anger, and effectively mingle with other children comfortably (Robert, 1986, p. 73).

This is because they regulate emotions, which play a very important role in building relationships. Research has shown that children with better social skills like school since the can comfortably mingle with others. These skills are develop from an early age of up to one year where a child is encouraged to interact with other people. Parents may engage by ensuring correctional measures are taken incase of deviations from what is expected. This eventually leads to a sociable child even if he or she might be having other developmental issues.

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