Essay: Child development-Adaptive Self-Care

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Essay: Child development-Adaptive Self-Care

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This involves teaching of children with special needs on how to take care of themselves. This reduces the burden of caretakers of helping these children with common routines that can be done personally. Activities of self-care include dressing, self-feeding, turning a door handle, washing hands, correctly using the toilet, and perhaps brushing of teeth among many others (Robert, 1986, p. 61).

These skills can be instilled in a child by personally engaging them in doing them. A routine based practice helps these children adopt the skills and thus enable he take care of themselves. In this regard, motor skills are also a necessity since they control movements. An interaction between motor skills and self-help adaptive skills leads to accomplishment in activities of daily living (ADLs). Self-help skills should be encouraged at school, home or in the fields of play.

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