Essay: Child development-Adaptive Gross Motor

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Essay: Child development-Adaptive Gross Motor

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This involves enhancing abnormal functioning in children with in abilities to control movement and posture because of difficulties in motor control (Robert, 1986, p. 51). It aims at enhancing the normal performance of different day-to-day activities. It embraces assistive technology that seeks to improve on activities such as bathing, communication eating or lifting. Proper decisions on what equipment should be made after a close analysis of the Childs condition since different conditions calls for different techniques and approaches. Seating systems are recommended for positioning with optimal comfort for children with difficulties in postural control and abnormal musculoskeletal alignments, which limit their sitting abilities.

The system is attached to a motile base to form a wheel chair, which can be easily moved from one place to the other. Such systems are recommended for children with level IV and V of the gross motor function classification system (GMFCS). Further steps can be taken to create room for accommodation of such children. This can be by increasing the width of the entry points or doors for easier access to bedroom. Persons can be assigned care taking duties to enable the children take part in different extracurricular activities such as games (Robert, 1986, p. 54). Assistive systems also include adaptive machines for standing and walking, wheeled equipments for mobility among others.

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