Essay: Child development-Adaptive Cognitive skills

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Essay: Child development-Adaptive Cognitive skills

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Cognitive skills are commonly referred to as intelligence abilities. Adaptive cognitive skills are therefore the intelligence skills that a child requires to for day-to-day activities or survival. Such skills cannot be only developed in school but also at home (Robert, 1986, p. 66). They are assessed by use of simple procedures such as naming of pictures, speaking some technical terms, asking common sense questions and many other ways. Cognitive skills are very influential in a child’s learning prospects and should therefore be emphasized at school level.

These intelligence skills boost understanding of other subjects such as math since they build the power of understanding. Children with a problem in these skills should therefore be subjected to a lot of exercise aimed at building these kills (68). Teachers are the most instrumental in establishing this since they engage with children in class more that the parents. Parents can also participate by engaging their children in after school learning.

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