Essay: Child development problems

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Essay: Child development problems

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Development problems such as those with speech should be tackled better at the home environments (Donald et al., 2003, p. 93). This is because a child spends most time there and is likely to learn communication skills easily. This also leads to development of brain sections responsible for speech since they are dependent on external stimulations from the environment.

Speech is biologically controlled because of the fact that it is a sensory reaction of the sensory motor neuron, which helps in development of words and attaching meaning to these words (Robert, 1986, p. 71). The ability of a child to develop speaking techniques is greatly influenced by the environment around the baby while growing. The more the child is exposed to an environment with a lot of speaking, the better the development of speaking abilities of that particular child. This implies that a baby will learn to communicate using words faster if exposed to environments where people do much speaking.

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