Essay: Child developement-Building family and community strategies

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Essay: Child developement-Building family and community strategies

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A. Strategies for parents and sibling(s) in home environment

Parents and siblings are people with the closets contact with these children. They should therefore dedicate some ample time to these kids and help them with the necessities. They can choose to form a routine task in helping these children develop some of the most important skills such as self-help and cognitive skills (Denise, 2008, p. 22). Children who live with intimate contact with their parents and siblings show greater improvements and potential to do better than those who are not.

B. Strategies for parents and sibling(s) in naturalistic environment

These environments help a child to humanize himself and develop a sense of importance dispelling any for of pessimistic determinism and embracing realism. This concept is well explained in philosophical terms. Biologically, environments of mentally retarded children need to be optimal in creating a sense of belonging and value for oneself (Denise, 2008, p. 24). This school of thought dictates that there is a close relationship between ones heredity, instinct or chance and the environment. This means that parent and siblings should be determined to make the environment conducive for germination of such attitude in challenged children this helps them develop robust emotional and physical attachments to what they are taught thus improving their lives.

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