Essay: Chauri-chaura incident-part of political violence

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Essay: Chauri-chaura incident-part of political violence

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Modern historians interpret the Chauri-Chaura incident as part of the historical violence which, like many others around the world did not deserve the going back on the demand for political freedom. Those that felt that Gandhi had a point in calling off the non cooperative movement held it that this incident could spark off many other incidents if left uncontrolled. The atmosphere was tense especially between the poor populace and the brutal police force (Shahid 184). Therefore, the possibility of a similar trend emerging later on could not be ruled out meaning that more civilians would be killed if they attempted to fight the police.

Although the events after Chauri -Chaura made Gandhi supplicant, the imperialists were closing in on him due to his advocacy for civil disobedience. The imperialists treated the killing of the police as being the result of Gandhi’s actions going overboard. This was interpreted as the waning of the colonial governance which necessitated immediate action, the chief being the arrest of Gandhi.

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