Essay: The Characters Responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s Death

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Essay: The Characters Responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s Death

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These are the main characters in the Shakespeare’s book “Romeo and Juliet”. The two characters experience instant love since they fall in love the first time they meet. A number of people can be blamed for the death of these two lovers but the main ones are Flair Lawrence, Capulet, Tybalt, Juliet and Romeo with the main one being Flair Lawrence. The first person to blame for the deaths of these two main characters is Flair Lawrence because he has a nice plan to use and necessitate their wedding but his executions methods are poor since it does fail. Romeo kills Tybalt as a revenge for killing Mercutio and he is thus exiled from the country. After he leaves, Juliet is forced to marry Paris although he does not love him. She thus gets the plan of a potion that will pose her as dead from Flair Lawrence but since they do not explain the plan to Romeo, he dies of poison leading to the death of his lover.

Old man Capulet forces her daughter to marry Paris, a man she does not love triggering her engage in risk plans with Flair Lawrence and the two ends up dying since they are not able to inform Romeo of the plan in time. If only he could have allowed Juliet to marry Romeo, she could not have engaged in the failed plans with Friar. He forced his daughter to end up dying. If the father to Juliet can accept that Romeo and Juliet love each other and thus give them a go a head in marriage the two could not involve in risky plans leading to their deaths.

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