Essay: Character of Tayo in the Novel Ceremony

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Essay: Character of Tayo in the Novel Ceremony

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This is a novel about the lives the native Americans have to undergo through the hands of the whites simply because they are not pure whites and thus should not have rights of their own. Here comes Tayo, the main character is born of a very irresponsible mother and she leaves him at the age of Four in the hands of her grandmother. It is with the help of the aunt and Ts’eh, the grandmother has to raise Tayo into a responsible man. He loves him so much and thus has to take good care of him.

Tayo is determined to make it in life but he ends up been depressed with the results of World War II for he finds that the native Americans have no place in the American’s culture. He is not aware of his father and barely remembers the looks of his mother. He has to undergo many difficulties as he tries to mix and balance his experiences with identity. This makes Tayo a very withdrawn character that has to undergo a lot of pain and depression although he is only an innocent child.

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