Essay: Character of Faust in Faust

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Essay: Character of Faust in Faust

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Just like Van Helsing. Faust is a highly educated German and of high social class who is being traumatized by the fact that he does not find the true meaning of life in the beginning of the poem. He is the main character in the poem by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Since he feels that, he has exhausted all the confines of knowledge he goes ahead and bets with the devil that goes by the name of Mephistopheles. This shows that just like Van Helsing, Faust is a courageous man who is capable of challenging any being in the universe. He is not afraid by the powers that Mephistopheles might posses for he feels that he ready to challenge him.

In the poem, the character of Faust is used to represent all the aspirations of human kind in the society. All his qualities, weaknesses as well as strengths are exaggerated in order to show how life was like in their society. He is faced with many challenges in his life for he is out to get that which is not possible for a man. When Faust says, “I am not used to that; I can’t submit, To take the spade in hand and dig and ditch. For me a narrow life is quite unfit” (Goethe and Marlowe 21). He shows that he is a determined man like Van Helsing who never loses focus on what he has set as his target.

Unlike Van Helsing, Faust is not a man of faith neither is he religious. When he falls in love with Gretchen, he convinces her to quit her religious life so that they can live together. Faust does not live a moral life but this is used as a challenge to every other man in the society who is struggling to get the real meaning of life.

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