Essay: Character of Desdemona

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Essay: Character of Desdemona

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Characterize Desdemona.  What kind of a person is she? What kind of relationship does she have with Othello?  What do her words in Act1 Scene 3, lines 185-188 and Act 4 scene 3, lines 25-32 reveal about her actions and her relationship with Othello?

Desdemona is a down to earth person who despite being from a rich family, she marries a man of a low social class. She does not love Othello because of what he has, but because of what he is. She deeply loves his husband as it is evidenced in her testimony when Othello is accused of using magic to win her heart. She chooses to side with her husband at the expense of her father by declaring that she married Othello out of her own free will. She explains that she has a “divided duty” of being a daughter and at the same time a wife. (I.iii.180). She believes that she married Othello because she loves him, but not for his life history. She shows that she knows what she wants and that is why she tells the duke while in front of her father that she is comfortable with Othello.

She is also very faithful to her husband as is evidenced in act IV, scene iii after the interrogation from her husband. She even asks Emilia whether she could ever think of cheating on her own husband “for all the world” (IV.iii.62). She seems not to understand why her husband does not trust her anymore for she has been faithful all along. Even though Emilia tells her that women do have sex appetite just as men do, Desdemona tells her that she answers bad things with good deeds rather than the opposite. It is a pity for that Othello does not understand the sincerity of his wife’s side of the story.

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