Essay: Changing Family Life Style

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Essay: Changing Family Life Style

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The continued change in people’s life style has led to a drastic change in family relationship style. Busy parental schedules and the need to invest more time at the work place have made it very difficult for parent to spent adequate time with their children. Constant technological changes have resulted in children spending more time interacting with different entertainment technologies rather than their parents. Chao (1994, pp. 10116-11118).

Such trends have resulted in the levels of stress among students constantly increasing. At time the students feel neglected and their needs left unattended to. Such patterns result into the students not believing in their capabilities. Based on Chao’s argument on the issue of young people’s self esteem, teachers do not normally have adequate time to attend to the needs of each learner in order to boost their morale and positivism towards approaching life. The lack of self belief is likely to leads to under achievement in academic work, poor social skills and the student may end up being social misfits.

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