Essay: Change in the Workplace Behaviour

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Essay: Change in the Workplace Behaviour

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Learning phase evaluation

In context of the learning phase evaluation it refers to the changes in skills, attitudes or knowledge of trainees as a direct result of learning program in accordance with change of the work place behaviour. Other scholars argue that change in behaviour might not necessarily reflect the increase in skill and knowledge, since work place behaviour may also be caused by other factors like fear of job loss or changes in management. Therefore, using the learning level to evaluate may sometime not give valid and credible results.

Behaviour or transfer phase

Behaviour level of evaluation aims at assessing change in job behaviour of the employee as a result of training program conducted. The information collected on the job behaviour change by the employee, is the same information that is analysed and synthesized to give the organization’s efficacy. However it’s a daunting task to evaluate the job behaviour change, since other factors such as environmental and personal characteristics do affect behaviour change. Therefore, it becomes difficult to diagnosis as to whether the change in behaviour is as a result of the training programmes.

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