Essay: Change in weather patterns will increase droughts and floods

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Essay: Change in weather patterns will increase droughts and floods

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The weather patterns will change resulting into severe droughts and flood incidences. A significant number of areas experiencing drought conditions will probably experience drier weather conditions that will be perpetuated by increased temperatures and reduced precipitation. Conversely, the areas experiencing wet conditions will experience incidences of increased wetness. (Braasch, P.72). Furthermore, it is projected that the extreme weather events has become more frequent and will increase significantly.

Furthermore, Dow and Downing project that in these early decades of warming, numerous species that are unique to specific habitats of the tropics, the arctic and the mountain peaks will shift their ranges and many that will not be able will probably face extinction (57). More over, it is projected that there will be an increase in pests and diseases in areas that will have experienced warming.

According to Houghton, an increase in carbon dioxide levels will affect different biological processes with some crops being fertilized such as some invasive weeds thereby increasing their growth whereas higher plants will be able to synthesize more food (55). Additionally, the acidity of large water masses that comprise the oceans, seas and lakes is projected to increase and this has the capacity to affect the survival of coral reefs that are now being lost on large numbers, directly and indirectly harming fisheries and other marine life.

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