Essay: Change Management

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Essay: Change Management

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The changing business environment has created threats and opportunities for firms. This has required many organizations to change their operations in the management to cope with the changes industry. The changes in the management required the human resources managers to be thoroughly trained and later recruit the other employee on the changes the organizational strategies need to incorporate the human resources management about the changes likely to occur in an organization (Koontz, O’Donnell, 1972, 12-37).

This therefore forces the human resources to play crucial role in guarantying that the strategies objective is attained. The organizational strategies along with the human resources management must be employed as instruments for change in a firm. Along with the Organizational strategies, the human resources management major functions revolve around training and development, career development and organization development.

Though there are many hindrances to changes in firms, there are several strategies that can be cussed by the human resources management and the organizational strategies to overcome these challenges. Some of strategies include (Liebowitz, Mendelow, 1988, 317-329):

  • Creating an organization with a wide vision and a wide value system
  • Training the leaders ad managers to have adequate leadership skills
  • Ensuring the diverse workforce works as a team towards a common goal
  • Guarantying that there is employee satisfaction which ensures that employee remain dedicated to the firm
  • Have the ability to convince the employee the essence of the change being implemented

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