Essay: Change Control Management Plan

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Essay: Change Control Management Plan

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Change is inherent in all processes within a project. Change could mean the positive progression of the project or errant escalations demanding responses leading to the violation of the project strategy. Emergencies could arise as a result of some risk that demands immediate redress. Changes in the prescribed process would then be necessitated. Such changes have to be introduced without the inception of chaotic experiences. Experience has shown that many programmed projects undergo the infusion of some changes as a consequence of economic, political, or environmental ramifications.

Monitoring and Control

Project appraisal forms a key component of project execution. This is partly due to the reasons of resources allocation and utility within reasonable limits and for the reasons of accountability and records. The need for a statistical process of control can not be gainsaid; the implementation morale and motivation are other aspects to control. A too slow process would definitely lead to loss in other quarters as labor or fuel consumption and a too speedy one could engender increased machinery depreciation rates, poor workmanship or still errant project implementation.

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