Essay: Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Essay: Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Case studies; Circumstantial indicators of challenges in sub-Saharan Africa towards attaining MDGs

3.1  This section will begin by introducing the methods that will be used to carry out this research, which will be by looking at several cases across the region.

3.2  Several case studies will be considered and they will include:

  • Prevalence of communicable diseases such as malaria across the region specifically in east and central Africa.
  • Examining war torn countries and the likely effects it is having on the path to achieve MDGs. This will be the DRC Congo and Uganda.
  • Natural disasters like floods and draught in east Africa will be examined too.
  • Establishment of informal settlements in Nairobi Kenya.
  • Effects of world economic downturns like the global financial crisis experienced in 2010.

This section will also look at the result found from research. Positive and negative aspect surrounding these findings will be illustrated in this section. Finally, recommendations will be made as pertaining possible solutions to the obstacles face by countries in the region in trying to attain the MDGs.

4.0  conclusions

This section will carry a brief conclusion about various observations discussed in the essay. These conclusions will be made basin on these observations and facts

5.0  recommendations

It will be the last segment of this paper. Possible avenues that can be used to a dress the problem will be given. This will be in line with comparisons that will merge between efforts by sub Saharan countries and the rest of the world. Advantages placed in favor of this region will also be used in giving recommendations.

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