Essay: Challenges of Carrefour Group in Belgium

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Essay: Challenges of Carrefour Group in Belgium

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Carrefour group is an international chain of supermarkets operating in 31 countries and this makes it the largest chain of supermarkets in the world. Being an international supermarket, it is imperative for the firms to create a strategic entry plan into Belgium to ensure that that it wins a big share of the Belgium market. Since the world has become a global village catalyzed by the technological advances, the management of Carrefour group must be aware about the dynamics in the global market where it has been operation since 1957 (Carrefour Group, 2010).

To ensure that Carrefour group succeeds in Belgium, it has to ensure it stocks unique products at unique selling points, which must be fashionable enough to meet the expectation of the market (online). An example of a unique product is the Carrefour energy product launched in 2008 in Belgium that happens to use 100% green besides being a cheaper product. Opportunity for this company is its knowledge of the global markets hence the firm will use its knowledge to guarantee its success. The decentralization of the management will enable the management in Belgium to meet the market challenges of Belgium (Carrefour 2008 sustainability report, 2008).

Other factors that must be considered that are challenges include access to exporting licenses, barriers to entry in the Belgium market and competition from supermarkets in Belgium. To overcome some of these challenges, Carrefour group can enter into joint ventures with supermarkets already established in Belgium. However, an internationally recognized supermarket, the management must be aware that business investment in Belgium must go through the unique business cycle. However, the firm must employ the latest technological development like shopping using the plastic money, employing E-Commerce and advertising through the internet. This latest technology has proven to be effective and efficient though maximum-security measures must be put in place.

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