Essay: Our Cell Phones Ourselves by Christine Rosen

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Essay: Our Cell Phones Ourselves by Christine Rosen

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There are various ways through which an author may present their work basing on the context being represented and the audience that is being targeted. There are basically three forms of effective writing or speaking that the authors use to convey their information to the audience; the ethos (which is based on the character of the speaker), the pathos form (based on the emotions) and finally logos (involves the logic or reason). This paper will give an analysis basing on the aspect of pathos as used by Christine Rosen in the specific contexts so as to appeal the audience and thus persuade them.

In this article Christine Rosen makes it clear that the cell phones have become an integral part of our lives and a common asset that is owned by most individuals. She discusses the issues arising in the use of cell phones and deliberates what kind of rules and regulations and as well etiquette shall be acceptable in our use of the technology. The author creates some sort of paradox in the way she presents her information so as to attract the attention of the readers. She presents the information about the implications of the cell phones on the contemporary culture of the human beings and the origin of the cell phones. The cell phones are said to have diverse effects on the health status of the users due to the long exposure of the user to the harmful rays, the WHO even launched studies into the possible effects of electromagnetic fields created by such technologies (Rosen, 389). It is also shown that the cell phones have promoted the connection of the people individually but at the same time disconnect the individuals socially and thus eliminating the aspect of the potent of power created through the social connectivity (Rosen 389).

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