Essay: CCTV camera technology-wireless functioning

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Essay: CCTV camera technology-wireless functioning

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Wireless functioning is a key advantage associated with the usage of the closed circuit television technology. This technology has in the recent past enabled the communication of individuals in the security control room with the actual security machine that is monitoring the system. Wireless communication thus provides the greatly desired flexibility which is desired by many individuals. Wireless communication has continued to be common phenomenon in the security system and the utilization of this technique provides great efficiency in the enhancement of security. Security cameras which doubt use wires for interconnection between the cameras and the digital video recorders (DVRs) minimizes the chances of people vandalizing them or manipulating the systems so as to serve their individual needs (Geringer and Hebert 1991, pp. 63-249).

Closed circuit television camera technology also provides the advantage of ensuring that theft cases are drastically reduced. This is commonly done through the CCTV presence threatening any potential thieves to the organization. The presences of a closed circuit television camera normally threaten most individuals from Power over Ethernet is another vital advantage. The cameras can therefore operate without any external power supply. This increase the levels of security since loss of power does not in any way deter the extent to which security is enhanced. Other than the actual monitoring which is normally done with the intention of reducing security threats within an organization in which the cameras are installed, the cameras could also be used as objects on which security lights could be installed on.

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