Essay: CCTV camera technology-technical barriers

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Essay: CCTV camera technology-technical barriers

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Technical barriers have also been limitation which has constantly been faced when dealing with innovations pertaining to the usage and development of the closed circuit cameras across the borders. Technical barriers that have been faced include the continued increase in the cost of hiring expertise needed to work with the CCTV technologies being innovated. The high costs thus results into most individuals detesting the usage of the new technologies due to their perceived high costs.

Other technical limitations of the usage and innovations associated with CCTV cameras relates to the high costs of other machines which are normally used to together with the close circuit cameras. The machines include the digital video recorder (DVR), intelligent network switches, gun detector systems which are normally integrated with CCTV cameras, television sets, laptops and personal computer systems and other related computers systems. Moreover, security related issues of networked systems greatly compromises the intended targets of the close circulate television cameras. Furthermore, the fact that there is opening of the network to the internet connection normally posses the security network to be less closed as it would be presumed to be by most networked CCTV camera users (Bannister, J., Norris, P., Mackenzie, S. (2009).

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