Essay: CCTV camera technology-research

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Essay: CCTV camera technology-research

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From the research carried out in a number of organizations, it is evident that the usage of the closed circuit television technologies continues to elicit mixed feelings and reactions from the diverse groups of people. Under the concept of niche uses, closed circuit television technology is used for the identification of any unidentified lights within a stipulated geographical location (Freeman and Medoff 1984). The fact that sound transmission capabilities have been integrated in the modern closed circuit television technologies implies that monitoring of security in a given location has become more reliable.

The usage of closed circuit television cameras that are networked using the internet protocol technology also provide a two way audio through the usage of single networked cables. This enable the individuals involved to communicate by persons whom they could see directly. There is also the benefit of receiving images that are of high resolution and hence of better and higher quality.  Internet protocol cameras also provide greater flexibility that is greatly desired by most individual persons and organizations (Dyer and Reeves 1995). Flexibility of the usage of closed circuit television cameras ensures that the security status of the concerned organization is closely monitored without compromising on the integrity and freedom of the concerned persons.

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