Essay: CCTV camera technology-reduced overall cost

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Essay: CCTV camera technology-reduced overall cost

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Furthermore, the usage of closed circuit television cameras helps in the reduction of the overall cost of managing a business organization. Dyer and Reeves (1995, pp. 56-470) believes that technology always has the cost advantage for larger systems. In cases where the organization in question is very large, the usage of CCTV cameras in monitoring security within the premises ensures that constant security is fully monitored without inflating the costs of running the organizational operations (May, Young, and Ledgerwood 1998, pp.59-447).

The larger an organization is in terms of its geographical location, the more costly it would be to secure it from any selfish individuals that may be out to steal or compromise the security of the entire operations. It is evident from the various researchers analyzed that managing the security of a given premise through employment of security guards is very costly. The usage of security cameras thus help in reducing the number of personnel needed to monitor the security level of the organization.  Most modern closed circuit television cameras such as the dome shaped cameras cover a circular distance of three hundred and sixty (360) degrees thus leading to coverage of wider regions. In addition to that, the usage of internet protocol also enables faster and more cost effective monitoring of a wide spread location through proper configuration and networking of the various cameras into a single location. Networking and the in-depth utilization of internet technology enable the concerned individuals to incur little cost trying to coordinate the security of related organizations which are located in regions which are located far apart.

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