Essay: CCTV camera technology-high cost of expertise

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Essay: CCTV camera technology-high cost of expertise

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Even though some technologies may be affordable to purchase and maintain, the overall cost of the expertise needed to ensure their proper utilization, repair and terminal support could be too high. This normally complicates the entire process of procuring and utilizing some technologies.

From the past studies carried out, it is very evident that the overall cost of hiring and maintaining personnel to deal with certain technological equipments is always very high (Hughe 2009). This has therefore become an issue of great issue in the business environment. Business organizations which are able to get readily available expertise to deal with the available expertise therefore acquire a very great competitive advantage over its competition in the same environment. It is also clear that, in some countries and regions of the world, most legal systems still do not recognize the usage of a number of technological evidence as a \evidence or a defense in a court of law (OECD 1989).

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