Essay: CCTV camera technology-evolution

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Essay: CCTV camera technology-evolution

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In the recent past, the CCTV cameras have seen the evolution of the all in one camera models. The new models of the camera mainly use the digital video recorders that are mainly networked into the existing systems. The usage of internet protocols has also been enabled. This enables proper network and utilization of distributed systems within a business environment (Gallie, White, Cheng, and Tomlinson 1998).

The newly developed state of the art all in one cameras utilizes the infrared CCD to ensure that they become useful both during the day and at night. The one-quarter Sony CCD 480TVL cameras which have 0.003 lux rate are some of the closed-circuit television cameras that use this great uniqueness that enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The cameras are also water proof thus making this model to become more reliable. The cameras have both a strong infrared red led (IR led) lenses that is very tolerant to weird and inconsistent weather conditions.

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