Essay: Catharism Movement

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Essay: Catharism Movement

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Catharism movement was accompanied with Gnostic elements that had its origins in the mid 10th century. This movement was seen to be heretical by the Roman Catholic Church. The movement existed in much areas of Western Europe but its main area was in Languedoc and the surrounding Southern France. This name Cathar is thought to have its origins from Greece meaning pure.  The Cathars are also known as Albigensians  with its origin in the 12th century and was mainly used in 1181 by Geoffrey du Breuil of Vigeois.

There was a movement of the name of Waldensians that was formed by a wealthy merchant, Peter Waldo of Lyon, after he gave his wealth in 1175 to become a preacher.  This movement became a Christian sect that believed that the religious practices of all nature should have scriptural basis.  However, Waldo was denied the rights to preach in 1179 but he did not obey these rules and continued to preach until 1184 when he was excommunicated.  Waldo did not support the Christian Clergy who according to him failed to live as the word they preached. He did not involve himself in the practice of selling indulgences and also the popular cult practices.

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